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Certificate I Access to Vocational Pathways

The Certificate I Access to Vocational Pathways (FSK10113) course focuses on the development of basic language, literacy and numeracy skills required for the workplace.

This course runs over 2 years and the 11 units of competency that make up this course and are delivered across 4 focused assessment clusters  that students are required to complete:

  1. Career Planning
  2. Maps, Signs and Symbols
  3. Communicating in the Workplace
  4. Technology and Measurement


Within these folios and assessment clusters students are required to participate in a variety of theory and practical activities to gain competency in each unit including oral questioning, observations, role plays, worksheets and third party reports.

Within this course, students are required to participate in internal and external work experience programs. These programs are specific to each site and include but are not limited to - car detailing, paper making, dog biscuit production, catering, pamphlet delivery, craft stalls and computer recycling as well as a selection of external work experiences at both supported (Endeavour, Lifeline etc.) and open employment workplaces.

Units of competency

  • FSKDIG01 - Use digital technology for basic workplace tasks
  • FSKLRG02 - Identify strategies to respond to basic workplace problems
  • FSKLRG03 - Use basic strategies for career planning
  • FSKLRG04 - Use basic strategies for work-related learning
  • FSKNUM03 - Use whole numbers and money up to one thousand for work
  • FSKNUM04 - Locate, compare and use highly familiar measurements for work
  • FSKNUM06 - Use highly familiar maps and diagrams for work
  • FSKOCM02 - Engage in basic spoken exchanges at work
  • FSKRDG02 - Read and respond to basic workplace signs and symbols
  • FSKRGD04 - Read and respond to basic workplace information
  • FSKWTG003 - Write basic workplace information.